TiVo Stream 4k instructions


Plug the TiVo into an HDMI on your TV. Then plug the USB cable into the back of the TiVo and into a wall outlet. Do not plug the TiVo into a TV’s USB because it doesn’t provide enough amps to power the device properly.


After it is all plugged in, go to the corresponding HDMI on the TV and the TiVo will be booting up.


You will need to connect to your Wi-Fi, so scroll to the settings icon at the top right next to the time and then go down to Network & Internet. Find your router and connect to it. Press the button on the remote to take you to the main menu. The home button is the circle on the remote.


Now that you are connected, you will be able to use any app. The TiVo is setup with a generic Gmail account that I use for programming so you can either keep this Gmail account added or add your own. You will not lose any apps if you add another Gmail account and remove the old one.




The Live TV service is called Supernova v2. I have two apps installed to view this service. You can use whatever app you feel more comfortable with.


Supernova v2 App

Supernova v2 is a custom app based off of the Smarters IPTV Player. It is coded and customized to work with this service specifically.  When you open the app, you will be brought to a main page with Live TV, Movies, Series, EPG, Recordings, and Catch Up.


Live TV is the main and preferred interface to watch TV.  The channels are broken down in categories.


Movies is for watching the VOD Movies. They are also broken down into categories. If you want to search for a specific movie, go to the all category.


Series is for watching the VOD TV shows. Same goes for searching.


EPG is a more traditional guide but its slow to load. I don’t recommend this.


Recordings wont be used because this app isn’t optimized for recording and the device doesn’t have another storage.


Catch Up is like a recording and allows you to play back different channels from different days.


If the app asks you to update the playlists, please do it. You will want to refresh the playlist at least once a day and even more when PPV or Sporting events are on. To update the playlist manually, go to Live TV and then select the three dots stacked on top of each other at the top right. Click on refresh channels, movies and series. This adds any new channels or updates from our server end.


TiviMate App


TiviMate is the best app to use for Live TV. Its very fast, responsive, and gives other features like removing categories or switching back to previous channels.


You navigate the different categories by using the directional pad and back arrow key. If you are watching live, you can click the center button and it will bring up a menu. This menu gives you previous channels you have watched and a list of other options.


Its hard to explain everything this app has to offer so you will want to play around with it.


It does play the VOD movies but this version doesn’t have a dedicated VOD section. So it will only show the movies in categories and not show the series. This is why its best to have two apps.


Free VOD Apps


The free VOD apps are 100% free and have every movie and TV show. New episodes usually get added the morning after being aired live. It is important to find sources that work best with your internet speed. Slower speeds will require a smaller file size. Since these sources are free, they have a limited bandwidth from the server meaning its only streaming as so many Mbps. The more people putting load on the servers, the more buffering you will get. There is a paid option called Real Debrid that offers premium links that wont buffer. This service is about $17 for 6 months and its well worth it but can be time consuming to setup. If you use the service, you have to set it up for every free VOD app.


If you are getting buffering with free links, try another. Soon you will find out what sources to look for and what works best with your internet.


If you encounter any problems with the apps, you can always go into settings and clear the cache from the apps. I recommend to do this periodically.


These apps have ads that spam the screen and this is how the developers make money. You can remove most of the adds by using an adblocker. The adblocker installed is called Blokada, but if you have a password on your router you can setup Adguard free. I will explain more below.


Cinema HD


This app is probably the best app for movies and TV shows. You can search for movies and navigate different options in this app for categories and TV shows.


Bee TV


Bee TV is another free VOD app that does the same as Cinema but sometimes has other sources. The layout is different but essentially the same thing.


Nova TV


This a clone of Bee TV but then changed around a little to look different. It has about the same sources but every now and then it will offer better links.




This app allows you to download apps from people’s stores. I have my store number added and anytime I add a new app, or you need to redownload an app, you can do it from my Filelinked store. The store code is 97142535


I try to update the apps every couple of months and it also has any IPTV service I offer. Sometimes free VOD apps will start having source problems after a few months and you will need to change to a new app. They usually rotate every 3 months when the app gets overpopulated. So when this happens, I will update the apps or add new apps to my store.


Smart YouTube


This app is YouTube TV without all of the ads. Its great to use and it updates constantly. You also have the regular version of YouTube installed, but you will get ads on every video.




This app is your adguard. To activate Blokada, find the app under Apps and open it. It should automatically activate after opening but if it doesn’t then navigate to the activate button. Press the home button after activating.


If the app is still showing adds after this is activated, the ads may not be updated in Blokada or you have to force close the app. To force close the app you are seeing ads on, go to settings from the main screen, scroll down and select Apps, click on the app you see the ads on and then click force close or force stop. After you reload the app, the ads should be gone or at least the annoying ones that play after you exit a source will be gone.


Sometimes you have to open blokada to let it update its sources or re-enable itself.


Free Streaming Apps


TiVo Stream


This app comes preloaded with the TiVo and offers a few free channels to choose from. These will usually have great servers and wont give any buffering. The TiVo button on the remote will always take you to this app.




This is another free Live TV streaming app. They offer a lot of channels but its not true Live TV like you will get with cable or satellite. They mainly offer their version of live channels with their ads. Regardless, this app is great to have.




This app is like a free Netflix. It doesn’t have many newer movies but it has a lot of movies that Netflix doesn’t offer. It streams very well and is a good option for high quality streaming.


Real Debrid


This is a premium server access service. It offers fast unrestricted access to multiple server companies so when you are streaming with the free VOD apps, you wont get buffering. To sign up for the service, go here.


You can purchase a 15 day plan up to a 6 month plan and its very afordable. After you sign up, you will need to connect your account to your free VOD apps.  To do so, open the app you use like Cinema HD and go into its settings. Scroll down until you see an option for “Login to Real Debrid” and click on that. It will display a code on the screen. From your phone and while connected to Wi-Fi, go to www.real-debrid.com/device/ and type in the code as you see it on the screen. Once done, you can give it a name and you will be onnected to with premium links. 

After its all connected on each of the Free VOD apps, when you find sources you will see different colored sources for the premium links. They will be either Yellow, Purple, or Blue. Some will say Torrents on them but you can stream from Torrents with Real Debrid and not worry about anything because you are connected to Real Debrid secure servers. 

This service is not needed, but its worth it and once you try it you wont go without it. 




You may encounter problems with an app or the device and need to do troubleshooting to fix it. The most important troubleshooting step to fix problems is restarting the TiVo. This device is always powered on so manually restarting is good.


To restart the TiVo, go to settings – Device Preferences – About – Restart.


It is also recommend to restart your modem/router if you have having streaming issues. This can fix a lot of problems as well. Just unplug the power for a few minutes and plug it back in. You really only need to do this is you experience buffering on every channel or slow internet speeds.


You may also get screen flickering depending on the resolution of the TV. This is a known issue with the TiVo Stream 4k but they are working on this. What causes this flickering is the video playing back at a lower frame per second than what the TiVo is set to. Your TV can handle so many Hz that is the refresh rate. Most TV’s are 60hz while most playback is only 24hz. Changing the hz in the Device Preferences to 24 or even 30 may fix this issue. Also, changing to 1080p or not having an HDR TV will fix this as well. Again, it’s a bug that TiVo is working on.


To change the refresh rate of the TiVo, go to settings – Device Preferences –  More – Display – Screen Resolution. Click on Display Mode and you can choose your resolution. If you have a 4k TV, I would recommend using 4k2k-24hz. You will notice a small lag when navigating but it will remove the screen flickering. You can also change it to 1080p-60hz and that will fix it as well. Most content is in 720p or 1080p anyway and you probably wont notice a difference.


If you are having problems with a specific app, you will want to do maintenance. Clearing the Cache and Force Stopping the app will fix most of the problems. To do so, go to settings – Apps – find the app you are having problems with and click on it – Click Force Stop and then click Clear Cache.


Do not click Clear Data unless it’s a last resort. Clearing data will erase any stored information about the app like you just installed the app for the first time. So clearing the data from Supernova v2 will log you out of the app.


If you are having buffering problems with the Supernova v2 or any IPTV you pay me for, please let me know so I can get it fixed. We have thousands of channels and the IPTV is being hosted on our own servers. This can cause issues every now and then due to the nature of the service. Its not as reliable as cable or satellite but you are getting over $300 a month worth of channels for $15 a month. We usually have multiple options for playing the same content but if you report a channel to us, we will get it fixed as soon as we can. Sometimes our suppliers may have issues. This is usually the case with Local channels, 24/7 channels. Or Foreign channels. If our supplier is having a problem, we will report the issue to them and they will get it fixed as quickly as possible.


Most people who have IPTV will usually purchase more than one service and this is why I offer about 3 IPTV services. This way you will have a backup if something goes wrong. Its not needed but can be recommended for important events. If you do decide you want a backup, I do offer a deal for two services and you can contact me anytime about it.


For support, you can get in touch with me a few different ways. You can reach me with Telegram or email.  I have too many customers to offer phone support and my phone is blowing up daily since I run multiple services. But I will always get back to you as soon as I see the message.


My email is supernovastreams@gmail.com


And the Telegram channel is https://t.me/joinchat/NSb2EhSIduumEhISnDfiGg


You can also find any other information about our service at www.supernovastreams.com




We are not affiliated with nor do we distribute anything related to Crystal Clear or TTKN Enterprises LLC