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This page is for FAQ’s, explaining how the service works as well as some tips and tricks to keep everything running smoothly. 


What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television.” This means the the TV is being sent over an internet connetion to a supported device.

How does it work?

IPTV works by purchasing channels and connections from suppliers and then managing those channels on servers. The better the servers are, the better the service will be.

How can you sell it so cheap?

Since it runs over an internet connection, this allows us to cut costs because you are already providing half of the service. We don’t have to hire expensive installers and in most cases, you provide the equipment need to use the service. We can also cut cost because we don’t have to pay thousands of customer service reps who keep calling you and harassing you with pushy sales. Our service sells itself!

Why is there a fee for the 24 hour trial?

It is true that some services offer a 24 hour free trial, but we charge $1.50 becuase of all the people who scan the internet looking for free trials and never pay for the service. Please use Promo Code “LOVETHESERVICE” after purchasing the 24 hour trial to recieve $1.50 off of the package.

Do I need internet to use this service?

Absolutely! Our service is internet based and requires it to work.

What should my internet speed be?

Although our service may work with lower speeds, we recommend at least a 20Mbps download speed. Now days, 6Mbps is not considered “High Speed Internet” so make sure you have a good reliable Internet provider. The faster the internet speed, the more bandwidth is available for streaming and connecting other devices to the internet without interruptions.

What devices will your service work on?

Our service supports many different devices such as Android TV boxes, Nvidia Shield, Fire Stick’s, Fire TV’s, Android phones, Android tablets, Apple TV, iPhone’s, iPad’s, Samsung Smart TV’s, LG Smart TV’s, Mag boxes, and more. If you have a question about a device, feel free to contact us and we will let you know if it is compatible.

What if I don't have a device to use?

If you don’t have a device to use this service on then pleas contact us and we will be happy to get you setup with a streaming device. You can also purchase a Fire Stick/Fire TV/Android box fairly cheaply and follow our instructions to install the apps.

How long after I order will I get my login info?

Since we sell multiple services, we can’t have it set up to our panel to automatically create a login once the order is placed. Typically orders from 12AM – 10PM Central Time will be completed within 30 minutes. In some cases, orders will be completed within 4 hours of ordering. And in rare cases, orders can take longer but they will be completed within 24 hours. We try to get to orders as soon as we receive them but sometimes we are out of the office and away from a computer. 

Why is my service buffering/stuttering?

This can happen from a number of reasons.  If you are having problems please do the following steps before contacting us. 99% of the time, issues with the service will disappear with these steps.

1. Make sure your internet is working and it meets ore internet speed requirments.

2. Always run a wired Ethernet cable to the device when possible. If its not possible, then try to connect on the 5GHz Wi-Fi freqency if your router and devices support it.

3. Make sure your device is in range of the Wi-Fi and has a solid connection.

4. Unplug your Wi-Fi router and Cable Modem for at least 20 seconds and plug it back in.

5. Restart the device you are using to stream the services on.

6. On Android devices, go to settings – apps – find the app used for streaming – click on clear cache. Then click force close/force stop and test the app

If all other steps have been completed and you are still having problems, then contact us for more assistance. We may require you to reinstall the app and this will erase your favorites.

Why can't I log in?

Make sure you have the correct app installed for the plan you purchased.

Make sure you are typing in the correct username/password since they are case sensative.

If you are using the Smarters Pro app, make sure you type in the correct Server URL.

Make sure your subscription is still active.

I ordered but I'm not getting any emails?

Sometimes emials go to your “spam” or “junk” folder. Please check there and you will see any email we send. You will need to add us to the list of Safe senders. Each email provider is different but will have instructions on how to do that.

Things to know!

It is very important that you purchase the correct amount of connections that you will use. 1 connection equals 1 device streaming at a time. If you purchase 1 connection and use the service on two devices or more at the same time, your service may be terminated without notice. There isn’t a system in place to block the connections from being used on multiple devices, however the connections are monitored. 

Due to the nature of the service, it is imposible to keep our services working 100% of the time. There are a lot of factors that play into how the IPTV services work and we do everything we can to keep the service running as smoothly as possible, but sometimes there are problems. Usual problems can be caused by routine maintenance, a channel being overloaded, problems with the servers, problems with the providers, and problems with your own equipment. If you experience a problem with a specific channel or even a problem with your services then please contact us and we will do eveything we can to get the service/channel back up and running.



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