Filelinked has shut down so here are the new links for downloading our apps

Instalation Guide

In order to download these apps, you will need an app called Downloader. Most of you will already have this app but if you don’t, just search for it in the app store. For Amazon devices, press the microphone button and say downloader for it to show up properly.

Once you have it installed, Open the app and then type in the code provided below for each app you want to download. Once it is downloaded, you will be prompt to install the application.

If you are using any app besides TiviMate and Universal iMPlayer, make sure to download VLC Player Pro and make it the default player in the app. VLC Player Pro is updated and plays our streams way better than the default EXO player built into the apps.

To add VLC Player as the default player in the app, open the app and go to settings. Then click on External Players and then add VLC Player as an External Player. After that, go back into settings and then click on Player Selection. Now change the default player to VLC on every option. 


App Codes

Anonymous Media Smarters – 18548
Short URL is

Universal iMPlayer – 27001
Short URL is

Universal Purple – 82037
Short URL is

Universal XCIPTV – 74872
Short URL is

VLC Player Pro – 37556
Short URL is





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