When you get your Fire device, the batteries will already installed in the remote. Plug the Fire Stick into an empty HDMI on the back of the TV and then plug in the included power cable. Make sure that you use the USB power brick included instead of plugging the USB cable into the back of the TV. The TV only supports up to .5 amps output when the Fire Stick requires 1.5 amps.

Once the device is plugged in, change the input on the TV to corresponding HDMI input that the Fire Stick plugged into. The Fire Stick will ask you to connect to WiFi and sign in with an Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account, you can create one easily. Once you connect to your Wireless Network you can start using the apps install to watch all your content. All the apps installed will be under the Home section in Your Apps and Games. The Apps will be located at the end of the list, so you will need to move them to the front of the list so they will be on the Home Screen. An easy way to get to your Apps menu would be pressing and holding the home button until a menu pops up. Then select on Apps and it will take you to the full list of apps that are installed. You can press the Menu key on the remote to bring up an option to move the App around.

New Apps come and go so I have installed an app called Filelinked that allows you to download new apps and updates that I upload to a personal store. I try to keep these updated as soon as a new update becomes available however some apps have been pushing updates daily and it’s hard.

My personal Filelinked store code is 97142535. You can also find other store codes online.

The Apps will automatically update when a new version comes available. You open the app and it will prompt you to update.

If you chose the service with the LIFETIME service, you will see an app called Supernova Streams Basic. This is a special plan that I have access to with Supernova Streams that gives you over 1200 Channels, all the PPV, Sport packages, and Movie channels. This service does not expire and is actually reliable.

You do have the option to purchase Supernova Streams Pro package from their website at a discounted rate of $15. The plan is normally $20 but my Fire Stick customers can enter in the Promo Code “FIRESTICK4K” and $5 off the service. You are able to use this Promo Code every month. The Pro Package is definitely worth it because it has over 6500 channels from all over the world, the channels are the most reliable in the business, and you get more Sports channels. You get all the PPV, Sports packages, and Movies channels as well. This service is for 2 connections meaning you can watch it on two devices at the same time. You can even download the app on your phone or tablet and watch it on the go.

Supernova Streams Pro Package can be found HERE

How to Install an App from Filelinked

Open Filelinked app – type in the store code – type in store password if required – scroll down and select the app you want to install – you will see a downloading bar go across the screen. Wait for that to finish and select the play button next to the app.

Things to know

This device is not giving you a free subscription to any services. In order to use Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc then you will need to pay a monthly or yearly fee through them. This device simply offers you the same content as those services for free but it requires you to use the apps I installed that are listed above.

            Sometimes these services will go down. Usually, the apps are back up and running again but sometimes Kodi will lose add-ons. That’s a big reason I don’t recommend Kodi. Please do not uninstall any app that is having problems because it will be back up soon.

            Since new apps become available often, I will not list the apps that are installed on this device. You can check Filelinked for new apps. I recommend checking it every couple of months.

The Lifetime service may have issues and channels will do down every now and then. This type of service is never going to be 100% reliable due to the channels being hosted on servers and being accessed through the internet. However, this service compares to $10 a month services as far as reliability goes and since it is a paid service, they are always working on the servers. The service is still 100% more reliable than the free services and you just pay a onetime fee.

Please do not uninstall or delete the paid service. If you remove the account or delete the app, you will have to send the Fire Stick Back to me and get charged another installation fee to add the services back to the account. The service is just added with a secure username and password that I cannot give out.

How to Connect to your Wi-Fi

  • From the home screen, scroll over to the far right to get to settings.
  • Scroll down and then over to select Network. Once you select network then you can find your Router under the list and connect to it. If it asks for a password then type in the password to your Wi-Fi.
  • Once it shows it’s connected, then you can press the back arrow key until you get back to the home screen.

Removing and Amazon account.

            No content installed from the Jailbreaking process or the AptoideTV store will be deleted when deregistering an account.

            The apps installed on the device will be in a different location so you will have to go to Home – Your apps and games – and then scroll over to see all. You can select the Menu key on the remote to move the apps around.

            If you add your Amazon account and install apps from the Amazon App Store, then you will lose those apps when deregistering your account.

Helpful Tips

Sometimes you will run into problems with the Fire Stick. These problems are normal with any device and require prevented maintenance to run properly. They are also pretty quick and easy to fix.

The number one tip I can offer is to restart the device when if it is running slow or having problems.

Since the device is limited on Ram, you may need to force stop apps that are running. Unlike Android phones and tablets, you don’t have a recent apps button to close all running apps. You will need to go to settings and close them from the applications.

Sometimes Apps start acting up. The best way to keep them running properly is by clearing the cache date form that specific app. You will need to do to settings and clear the cache from the application menu. Please do not click on clear data. This option will revert the app to its factory settings when it was first installed. This means all favorites, settings, and content can be deleted. I would clean the cache once every one to two weeks depending on how much it’s used.

There is an app installed or in the Filelinked store called DB TV Assistant and it will clear the cache for you when you open the app.

How to Fix App Problems and Prevented Maintenance

  • From the home screen, scroll over to settings.         
  • Scroll over to Applications and select it. Then scroll down to Manage Installed Applications and select that.
  • From here, select the app you want to do maintenance on.   
  • After opening that app, you will be taken to a menu to do all the maintenance needed on the app. From here you can Force Stop and app and Clear Cache. By selecting those options.

Blokada is the adblocker that is used. Sometimes apps update their ad database and ads will get through. A good way to fix this would be to go into settings and Force Stop blokada and clear the cache. Also, do this for each app that was getting ads.

If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions then feel free to contact me by email at Jmp7624@gmail.com.



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