Here is the login info needed and instructions I can come up with without having an xbox.

The M3U playlist URL is

The M3U playlist is a file for certain apps that has our server address and the username/password in it for apps to read. 

The EPG URL is

The EPG URL is for loading our TV guide. 

MyIPTV Player setup

Download the app called MyIPTV Palyer from the Microsoft Store. Also download VLC player if you can as well.

Here are the instructions I have on PC but they may be different on the Xbox app.

To add your playlist, go to settings and then click on add playlist.

Type in Anonymous media for the Remote channels list name and then paste the M3U playlist in the Remote channel list URL.

Then type in Anonymous Media for the EPG name and paste the EPG into the URL.

Click on add remote list and add EPG source

Go back to settings and select Anonymous Media from the drop down under Select channel Playlist and then refresh.

Do the same for the EPG source.

Enable VLC player because the internal player doesn’t load on PC but I am not sure on Xbox

Then change the default channel group and enable the refresh of the channel list and download EPG on launch.

You can also use the service on an Android or iPhone, Nvidia shield, Fire Stick, etc. Just not on a Roku.

The service is good for a month and you have 1 connection meaning you can use it on 1 device at a time.

If you want to use it on another device, here is the login info:

Username: 66564005
Password: 99275757
Server URL:

Android Phone or Tablet

Open the browser and type in

It should download Filelinked for you and you can find it in the downloads folder or in the notification panel. You will need to allow unknown sources to install it.

After that, open it and type in 97142535 to get to my store.

Download the Universal Smarters app and install it.

To login, type Anonymous Media under “Any Name” and then type in the username and password.

After signing in, click on EPG to install the guide.

I like using the Live TV section over the EPG to watch TV though cause its easier to navigate in my opinion.

Nvidia Shield or other Android streaming device like a Fire Stick

Allow unknown sources in the settings. 

Download the app Downloader from the Play Store

Type in and press go or search to download Filelinked.

After its downloaded, install and type in my store code 97142535.

Download and install the same Universal Smarters app and setup just like in the instructions for an Android Phone.

More detailed instructions can be found here for the fire stick.


iOS Device

Download the app called 247 IPTV from the app store.

Type in Anonymous Media under Any name

Type in the username/password

Type in the Server URL to connect to my servers.

The app will be about the same layout as the Universal Smarters app.


If you have any questions or problems let me know. The 24/7 channel suppliers are kinda buggy right now and we are looking for new suppliers but they are hard to come by. If you have issues with any other channel just let me know so we can get them fixed. Some sports channels and packages dont get updated till right before the game or show starts so you may have dead links. We also will have dead links under the different sports packages and PPV because they come from our channel suppliers and we cant remove them. If there is something specific you are looking to watch let me know and I can help you find it.

Last thing, sometimes ISP’s are blocking IPTV or Throttling them so you if you get buffering on every channel or cant even login then let me know and I can give you a login for a VPN to use. The service isnt perfect due to the nature of the servers and suppliers but I have a lot of customers who enjoy it and its only $10 a month for 1 connection and $15 for 2 connections.





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